About Us

In the name of all that’s holy in social media and if there is such thing, BuyTwitterFollowers.org team considered themselves advocates of online just, seeking to verify the truth of what or who the real number one in the market of providing online social credibility and proof is. The team’s efforts are geared toward reviewing websites that offers services such as Twitter followers, YouTube views, Facebook likes, Vimeo views and other products that claim to boost people’s social profiles in the eyes of their target market.

What are our methods?

We spend thousands of dollars testing each website to learn which ones deliver and which ones do not (metrics such as customer support, over the top prices and poorly written content are considered).

We also spend a great deal of time asking people what they think and what their experiences are with a certain company or product. Then we take all that into the equation in selecting the top ranked companies. We carefully go through a meticulous process.

However, we cannot certainly establish a consistent number one company, for anytime they can be pushed to the bottom, should there be changes or negative sentiments.

Why we do this?

The buytwitterfollowers.org team does this not only because we have a strong sense of justice but also because we care for online consumers – that’s You. Now when you purchase a shortcut to your online efforts, check into BuyTwitterFollowers.org, at least you will know where to get the best service among the many that keep popping up every single day.

Do your part!

When you have any experience with products such as buy Twitter followers, YouTube views, etc., please let us know via this feedback form. Don’t wait for someone else to be scammed. Let us help protect each other starting with you.

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