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Are you troubled about how to overcome your business anxieties on getting the right traffic? Companies nowadays are using social media marketing to improve their business’ online exposure and gain the credibility they need.

And since Twitter is one of those platform considered to be the second most powerful marketing medium, it does not need a smart person to figure out that this is the course that businesses must also take. In fact, not only businesses but also celebrities and famous personalities are using Twitter because of the potential exposure it can give them.

But with this comes a new trend of buying Twitter followers just to outshine each other based on follower count. Fanmenow is one of the many social media marketing sites that can help boost a business in terms of authority, or so they say.

fan me now Review


They offer two services buy fake followers and buy real targeted followers.

  • Buy fake followers

Fan Me Now’s pricing on their Fake followers is much cheaper than Buy Real Marketing, Devumi, Intertwitter or even Marketing Heaven (the most expensive among them).

With 1000 to 1 Million follower packages all in three days? That is highly impossible. But fair enough, they tell their clients the truth about providing fake Twitter followers, so clients will know the risks when they purchase from Fan Me Now and it’s no longer puzzling how they can deliver such massive number of followers in such a short time.

  • Buy real followers

Buy real followers (targeting real people in a sophisticated way) but in an unreasonable price and will take weeks to accomplish the order. It won’t work in that way. Anyways, when I check back on their real followers service, it says there that they can’t provide the service due to over-abundance of orders. What the…  I think it’s all a promotional stunt to push buyers to settle for the fakes.


(They don’t guarantee a 100% refund, only for service lapses)

If any case although it takes so much risk and you don’t have any choice, the only thing that you can trust and hold on to is the financial aspect of the site in the form of a money (100% Money Back Guarantee) or refund. So without having this kind of assurance on a site can be very difficult to us buyers for we might be fooled and lose money without any cause. It would be very risky.

I’m better off risking my money on Buy Real Marketing, Intertwitter and Devumi, at least I will be a little reassured that they are claiming to give me a refund when they mess up.


If you have read their mission statement, they say that they strive to offer the best service online and want to keep their clients happy. But I don’t see that with how their customer support works. They have a live chat tool but unlike Buy Real Marketing that has 24/7 customer reps on live chats, Fan Me Now rarely has (if ever) any customer support on the live chat. It is such an inconvenience.

When you have to ask them questions or raise some concerns, you have to wait hours or worst, days before they can attend to you. Now where is their vow to “value our customers and aim to see them happy with our services” gone to, according to their mission statement?


Fan Me Now delivers on time as indicated on their website page. However, the fact that all service packages regardless of the number of Twitter followers have the same delivery schedule is somewhat disheartening.

It will not help me decide which package is better; all I have to consider is the number of followers, which is not at all rewarding as well since I know from the start that they are all fakes, no matter how large the follower count.


Fan Me Now has no available client portal for easy purchase.

Unlike Buy Real Marketing, Marketing Heaven, Devumi and Intertwitter, Fan Me Now does not have any client portal to help you manage and keep track to your orders.

One advantage of having a client portal on a site is it would be more convenient to us clients to personalize our transactions (orders) made on the site plus the discount you’ll get.


Fan Me Now does not offer any type of discounts or freebies. They just sell these Twitter followers at its face value, though they are cheap enough that competitors’ discounted prices are already normal prices for Fan Me Now.


The biggest hurdle in buying Twitter followers from Fan Me Now is the fact that I know indeed that all the followers I will be buying are fakes. Unlike Buy Real Marketing that promises a high percentage of real and organic followers with a small portion of company controlled accounts.

It would have been better if they really offer the real and targeted followers but If I’m right and it is all promotional stunt to push clients to buy the fakes, then I’m out of Fan Me Now for sure. Not to mention, their website is very ugly and somewhat blinding with all the red-colored texts.

Fan Me Now Twitter Feeds

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Mar 20, 2013 by ed

I like their service so much because they deliver my orders on time.

Mar 04, 2013 by Perkins

I hate this site, I spend $35 for nothing. After a week their followers massively drops. I won't buy from any of their service again!

Not Satisfied!

Mar 04, 2013 by Alicia S.

I tried buying 5000 followers before from fanmenow and got disappointed because of the delay of the delivery for 2 days and tried calling their support but doesn't seems responding. They give me a bonus followers though but still not satisfied with their followers quality.

Mar 02, 2013 by Tony

Cheap views, cheapest I've ever seen on the web before. I bought few followers one at a time so it looks natural but after my 3rd order I noticed dropping of followers so I email them about what's going on but till now didn't got any reply.. What a support!

Feb 25, 2013 by Hendrick

I have been using their service to increase my twitter followers on my social media marketing and they provide good service.

2.6 4.0 5 5 I like their service so much because they deliver my orders on time. Is Legit or Scam? – Fan Me Now Review
  • Dan Aleksa

    Very dissapointed with fanemenow. You buy fiollowers then a few months later a lot of them disappear. Then suddenly you start receiving email from them to buy more fans. Not happy at all.

  • disqus_6zGXRQfkaR

    FanMeNow is a fraud. They sold me followers and after a couple of weeks all the followers disappeared.

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