Is Legit or Scam? – Social Media Men Review

If you don’t want to experience what I experienced with Social Media Men, then just leave their website and don’t buy Twitter followers from them or even think about looking through their packages. It has been weeks since I availed of their silver package for my daughter’s online shopping website, and until now there has been no dramatic increase in the number of her Twitter account’s followers.

I already told my daughter that I bought her Twitter followers so she could have more customers, and she was really expecting to see an influx of people, but, although there were some who naturally followed and checked her website out, the results that were promised to me by this company were not realized at all. I have tried complaining about this problem, especially because I spent a small fortune to avail myself of that package. I tried to reach them through the email that they posted on their website, but it seems that they have been ignoring my messages because I got no reply at all.

Recently, they upgraded to an automated contact form, which looks very easy to use. I tried this also, but I still got no response. I don’t know what’s causing this problem or if they are really simply swindlers. I hope nobody else experiences this. If you want more Twitter follower, might as well check out some buy Twitter followers review first so you’ll know what the online people think about it.

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